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ACES Outreach

ACES Outreach

The ACES Outreach is a launchpad to commission and send youths into their respective harvest field; to sow generously in their friends’ lives through radical acts of kindness, faith-filled prayers, authentic conversation and sharing the gospel.

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The Mentorship Initiative


The Mentorship Initiative is a collaborative effort between mentors and outreaches to help them succeed in reaching their schools for Christ. It can be tough starting out alone. Our mentors play a supportive role in guiding, empowering and spurring outreaches on in this journey. What a brave step these young champs are taking!



A community consisting of different school outreaches in ACES huddle together regularly to plan, dream, and remain faithful in the Call to GO! In these meetings, our outreaches are recharged, realigned and revived corporately. As we gather, we create a safe space for them to share their struggles faced in the journey and encourage them with personal stories and practical handles to keep going for the harvest!

Initiatives to-date

‘Going’ looks like something. ‘Going’ starts somewhere. Our initiatives are likened to ‘bridges’ that are built as the young people step out in faith and ACTION(!!) to bridge their friends to a personal encounter with Christ.


Reaching out to people in your circle


Investing into that very one friend


Preaching about the gospel

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