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The Daily Feed is an initiative to build a culture of reading the Word of God daily, and through that, to encounter Jesus. Reading the word can be fun and engaging, especially when we do it together!


Join us on our
Bible Reading Plan!

Each year is broken down into 4 Quarters, because we love to celebrate our milestones.

Quarter 1: Jan – Mar 2023

Quarter 2:  Apr – Jun 2023

Quarter 3: Jul – Sep 2023

Quarter 4: Oct – Dec 2023

we're here!

Join us here, or download the YouVersion App and search for "Daily New Testament".


Verse of the Month

When we aim to memorise scripture (instead of just reading it), it helps us lean on Christ and amplifies our life. Let's set a goal to memorise 1 verse a month!




Need additional help in understanding the Word? These resources will come in handy!


The Daily Feed Journal

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